Un petit rien tout neuf

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I am the active maintainer of alice_nine

Please do not add this account as a friend. I no longer update this journal and it is full of entries that are either personal or for close friends only to read.

Please do send me an LJ personal message if you’d like to talk to me about anything related to the community (or even if you don’t). I check my emails and messages often and reply to all of them.

My inbox is open to everyone!

Likes d&d campaigns languages, olives, potatoes, cats, capslock, milk, indie films, hbo, rock, writing, graphic-making, photography, roadtrips, singing loudly, science magazines, procrastinating, 2am, depressing books, psychoanalysis, keyboard-mashing, geekism, dark comedy, mayonnaise, fangirling, underpants-dancing, laughter, thunderstorms, music stores, messes, gardens, fleece blankets.
Dislikes oranges, hockey, prescriptive grammarians, stepladders, stubborn html, yogurt, oversleeping.

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