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12 August 1990 @ 12:00 am
A breathable atmosphere  

I do not add people I do not know.

I do not add back simply because you've added me.

If I have never had a conversation with you, or do not know you in person, there is little to no chance that I will add you. My LiveJournal is filled with boring, personal things only close friends would really care about reading, and which I would only want close friends to read. I post about fandom things relatively infrequently. Comments are screened.

Current Layout: Shadow Puppets
The graphics in the layout of this journal were drawn by me, and the picture in the banner above was taken by me. The userpics, graphics, and coding of everything from the profile to the layout of this LJ were done by me--so please don't use any of it without at least giving me a heads-up or asking.